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Looking For A "Set And Forget" Lawn Mowing Service?

Not everyone likes lawn mowing like we do – some actually hate the thought of it.

  • Perhaps you don’t have the spare time available to follow your mower around your property?
  • Maybe you just don’t have the equipment or the means to use it?
  • Or it could be the fact that for you – lawnmowing is the last thing you would want to do during your time off.

Whatever you reason the Select Lawn Mowing owner operator is here to keep your lawn maintained to a standard to suit your budget and your needs.

So what does the service include?
  You decide how you want your grass cut (with or without mulching), any extra jobs you would like us to complete on your property, such as fertilising or pruning,  and how often you want us to visit.  Then we take care of your grass, cutting it to a professional standard using the latest equipment. Edges are trimmed and paths are swept.  

What about the “set and forget” part?
Unlike other operators – we keep coming back. Once you have told us how often you want us to visit you can rely on us to turn up.  Simply put you “set” us your work schedule and then “forget” about the job of lawn mowing forever.

So how does it all work?
Just fill in the request form below.  Then one of our team will promptly phone you to arrange an appointment with your area owner operator.  They will listen to what you want done and then issue you with a quote on the spot.  If you agree to go ahead, the service can start immediatly.

It’s simple, quick and easy – just fill in the form now to get things moving.

All the best

Mark Gilbert
Select Lawn Mowing

P.S. We guarantee to complete the job to your total satisfaction.

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